This is a solar and battery power repeater. User frequency is 145.170- (100 Hz tone). It is linked to the Slocan Ridge site via UHF (444.550) simplex link. Site is located on Lavina mountain at 7300 feet.

  • Daniels Electronics VHF and UHF combined repeater
  • RC210 repeater controller, running VE7IHL custom firmware
  • Idle battery draw is less than 1/2 amp from 12V batteries!

2023 Lavina Trip Report:

UHF Link Antenna and (2) 100 Watt Solar Panels

Solar panels

2 bay VHF Antenna

(8) 100 Ah SLA batteries (Room for 8 total)

Daniels MT3 Repeater in 19 inch cabinet. 4 cavity VHF duplexer on bottom shelf