WKARC Noon Net

The WKARC operates a “Noon Time” net 6 days a week. Any emergency traffic will take priority and the net will be cancelled if there is any emergency traffic. Purpose of the net is to allow amateur radio operators to test their equipment, and to let others know what they are up to.

The Net will operate on the following frequencies, starting on 146.640- and ending on this frequency. The 146.640-, 147.040+, 147.060+, and 145.170- are all linked together so that check-ins can all occur on the same time period.

  • 146.640- (100 Hz tone – Slocan Ridge)
  • 145.130- (100 Hz tone – Slocan Ridge)
  • 147.040+ (100 Hz Tone – Nelson/Beasley area)
  • 145.170- (100 Hz tone – Mount Lavina)
  • 146.520 Simplex
  • 146.840- (no Tone – Trail area)

If anybody is interested in volunteering for the Noon-Net control operator duty,

please email: info@wkarc.ca

For Noon Net Control Operators, the preamble to be used is contained the file below: